Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A small collection of photos to give the feel of the farm these days:

High bush blueberries in pots, for sale.

Hazelnut "tubelings," now happily growing in the nursery along with baby American chestnuts, amelancher cherries, grapes, and all kinds of other tasty and interesting edibles.

A portrait of the garlic--we have about a quarter acre of it altogether.

My porta-farm. Hundreds of cabbages and other brassicas traveled to the farm via Volkswagen. Those little seedlings are now more a foot tall!

Beautiful Tyler and Elsie coming home from a star performance in Monroe's Memorial Day parade.

Milking Reagan, one of our six Milking Devons.

Barn reconstruction continues...

Gib's brilliant solar hot water heater. For some reason, it only works when the sun shines, but other than that it's awesome.

Crop mob (volunteer work party) came on July 3rd and helped mulched the acre of high bush blueberries.

Sadie's heifer calf. Of the five calves born, we have four heifers and a bull.

Good-bye from Ada, and all of us!


  1. How big are the blueberry and how much are they?

  2. Nghia--
    Hi! The blueberries are anywhere from 1-3 feet high, and $10 apiece. We have a few different varieties.

    Happy summer!