Saturday, November 17, 2012

North Branch Farm Stand, Thanksgiving Edition

I'm here with a shameless marketing ploy, so I hope those of you far away can see it as news of the farm, and those of you close by can spread the word!  Here goes...

Why go to the supermarket when you could come to North Branch Farm?  Our farm stand is open now through Wednesday, November 21, so come on over for a turkey and everything to keep it company on the Thanksgiving table!

Find us at 122 Stream Road in Monroe for winter squash, onions, garlic, cabbage, carrots, leeks, herbs, Fuzzy Udder Creamery cheeses made with our milk, locally grown and freshly milled oats, and dry beans in six varieties!  Turkeys grown organically by Lucretia and Oai on Stovepipe Alley are available by pre-order, as are apple, pumpkin and blueberry pies (fresh, or frozen for travel!) baked by Elsie.  Also available by pre-order or by luck: licensed raw milk and cream from our heritage Devon cows, 10 lb boxes of frozen organic wild blueberries from Montville and 14 oz bags of frozen organic cranberries from Ellsworth.

Open daily on the honor system from 6:30am-8pm.  Call Five-two-five-3323 or email northbranchfarm(dot)monroe(at)gmail(dot)com with questions or to pre-order.  Pre-orders should be in by noon on Tuesday.  Thanks, and enjoy!

Piglets on their second day, born three weeks ago

The Yentes-Quinn house, only a day or so away from being fully shingled!

Over 2000 trees and fruiting plants were dug and sent to the Fedco Trees warehouse last week!

The Shapley-Quinn/Gilbert/Apprentice Cabin on its way to livability