Saturday, October 15, 2011

All spiffed up!

Happy rainy October, everyone!

It's been a busy one so far.  Seth and I got married on Sunday, October 9th, and in preparation for that grand and festive event many folks from our families (most broadly defined) rallied round and helped with some serious farm beautification.  The barn roof (less milk room and silo connector) got finished.  The greenhouse got plastic.  Everything but a couple of tons of loose hay got moved out of the barn, the floor got vacuumed and the rafters swept.  Every pile of odds and ends around the grounds got a firm dealing with and the farm is looking better than new.
The inside of the barn--this is for our former apprentice Pauravi, if she's looking--her dream come true!  My sister is shop-vac'ing the whole thing and the cider press is wedged away in a corner.

Our greenhouse!  We did it!
The inside of our greenhouse, our new favorite hangout spot, temporarily hosting winter squash, onions, dry corn, popcorn, and dry beans.

A couple of random newlyweds.