Monday, July 25, 2011

Ramblin' in the new mown hay

It's hay season! A smattering of photos to illustrate some of what that's like

Ground-driven PTO forecart (for tedding) and John Deere No. 4 Big sickle bar mower

Chain of...command? fools? Loose hay loader, Anna on hay wagon, Seth and Ada on the forecart, draft horses making it all go.

Tyler and Gib bringing in a full wagon-load.

The barn, filling up with loose hay

The sweetie herself

The gang: Tyler, Elsie, Andy, Gib, Pauravi, Ada, Anna and Seth! Thanks to our hard-working, humorous helpers on the farm.

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  1. Hey folks. Great photos. I'm sending an email to Seth and Anna about a work trade. I don't have Tyler and Elsie's address. Jeff Burchstead