Sunday, March 27, 2011

This past week, Lucretia and I, with assistance from Elsie, Minh, Lân and Ada, started our first round of seedlings: onions, leeks and celeriac. We're a little late, but within the range of normal. Nothing has sprouted yet, but I expect to see some baby onions in the next week. Seth has been working at Fedco trees and pruning other people's fruit trees lately in addition to many other exploits. Here is one of the old apples he pruned and its very prominent graft line.

Here are Ada and I asleep, Ada in an unusual but of course darling position. She just passed her six month birthday.

And here is Ada, laughing at Seth as he plays peekaboo with her over the edge bed.

Short but sweet--more photos of the farm to come!

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