Saturday, March 5, 2011

In like a lion?

March seems to be coming in like a big wet, snarly lion. And while it may go out like a lamb, we won't be going out with lambs, because our lambs aren't due until April! Our sugaring season has been a bit funny so far; it's been either warmish and gray or frigid and sunny--either way, the sap hasn't been pouring out of the trees and, in fact, we've only collected sap once. My camera's battery freezes up so easily that I had to drive by the farm and take photos through the window of the car. Here we have the product of many hours of work by Graham, Tyler, Gib, Elsie, and maybe others:

Trees--mostly hemlock--that were felled got hauled out of the woods by April and May and were then milled into 2" thick boards on our Woodmizer sawmill. What you see in stacks here is the future floor of the barn's upstairs. Soon we will have no more holes, no more skinned shins or tiptoeing around or covering holes with big sheets of plywood!

Here's the barn, silo peeking out from behind, and Seth and Anna's house with a newly finished roof in charcoal gray.

Anna and Ada hanging out at the apartment, modeling a killer sweater knitted by Rachel, a killer knitter. It has owls with buttons for eyes across the chest.

The ash post and the upstairs of our house, which I can't wait to live in.

Ada, her slowly shrinking hemangioma (ear bump), and her new trick: chewing on cups.

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