Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swiftly Speeding Seasons

Welcome, everyone, to a time of pretty cows on pretty pasture!

What else is new? Seth, Tyler and Elsie are taking turns on our two biggest tractors the International--"Big Red"--and the Oliver--"The Green Giant," one with the recently repaired four-bottom plow and the other with the disc harrow. Yesterday, they opened up close to three acres of fresh ground which we will seed into a cover crop of peas, vetch and oats (PVO) as soon as possible. I'm trying to avoid the fumes of gas and fountains of hydraulic and transmission fluids that periodically come spraying out of the tractors and their implements.

Our noble hero Wade of Guy Hanson and Son is here with bulldozer and excavator, having already built a driveway to the future Seth-Anna-little person house. He is now grinding away on a leach field so that someday in the not-so-distant future we may be able to let our dish- and bath-water down the drain instead of dashing it all over the front lawn.

Wildlife sightings:
A pair of Baltimore Orioles (Jonny said they are suckers for citrus fruit, so after I first saw them I put out some oranges that I got from the Belfast Co-Op compost and lo and behold there was the momma bird!).

An old man in a truck stopped by to say he had seen a lynx or a mountain lion in our back field that same day, and that he thought it was 5 or 6 feet nose to tail.

Neighbors shot a wild turkey on our farm and gave us the carcass. Yum!

A pair of ospreys was spotted circling over the barn and checking out the river a couple weeks ago.

Bald eagles hang out around here too. Come see them!

We thought about baiting the feline predator with Mignon the calf, just so we could get a glimpse of it, but decided against it in the end.

Progress in the garden, dark soil after a night of rain.

This non-descript photo tries to show the new driveway, but mostly shows off one of our new topsoil mountains.

I'm signing off, everyone, to go enjoy the last few hours of daylight. Enjoy!

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