Monday, April 30, 2012

Mission Orchard Accomplished.

Some of you may know we spent last weekend tucking hundreds (440-ish, to be more specific) of fruit trees, mainly apple with some pears and cherries thrown in, into the brand new North Branch Orchard.  The week preceding orchard-fest was a marathon of using, breaking, borrowing, and repairing equipment: tractors, chippers, plows, disk harrows, and our bodies.  It was a close shave, but by the time a crew of about twenty showed up to lend a strong hand on Saturday morning, we were ready for them.  Here, after a cute opening photo of our newest lamb, is a series of photos from the orchard-planting party, shot mostly by Chris Yentes and MK Shapley-Quinn.

Lamb #2 of 2012, a hefty little guy

Orchard Prep Checklist
Step 1: Graft trees, grow in nursery, dig and store in basement.
Step 2: Plan a fenceline. 
Step 3: Fell all trees dead near or leaning towards fenceline.

Step 4: Haul off logs and chip brush for mulch from felled trees.

Step 5: Put chips on high bush blueberries.

More chipping.

After step 6, plowing and disking the orchard site, comes step 7: planting party!!!

Women labeling trees.

Tree planting lesson.

Trees ready to go in the ground.

Tyler doing last minute disking in the orchard's Moody plot.

Cousins sleeping.
The crew on cider break, day one.

Last tree goes in the ground!

Victorious!  The crew, day 2.
Thank you so much to all who helped with this wild endeavor.

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