Friday, May 6, 2011

Tyler the Magnificent

Everyone works hard around here at whatever it is they're doing, and this post is a special Ode to Tyler. Tyler has undeniably made a lot of things possible, including:
-reflooring the barn, by recruiting Graham for the winter so that he would have a safety backup while working horses and felling trees, by leading the milling up of 8000 board feet of 2" thick hemlock, by leading the work of moving all crap in the barn from one side to the other and back again (or in the case of the piano, shoving it over a bank), tearing up old and rotten floorboards, and putting down the fresh new floorboards
-Seth and I living off the farm while we build our house, by taking on even more of the livestock responsibility, including chores and reviving steers sick with hay belly and making sure there will be enough hay for all critters to stay fed until grass season arrives
-getting bills paid on time (without him, who knows if they would get paid at all)
-having all the right fields prepared at the right times for things like grazing, blueberries, and CSA vegetables
-getting a greenhouse set up this year
...and the list goes on indefinitely.

Basically, Tyler is generous, smart, strong, capable, knows how to strategize and work towards a goal, and has no fear of responsibility that I am aware of. Thank you, thank you Tyler! Three cheers for Tyler. Here is a picture of Tyler with April, May and the manure spreader, fertilizing pasture (and himself) with chicken manure. While Tyler may, at times, find himself covered in poop, he is never, ever full of it.

Easter Saturday, a well-known holiday, was celebrated by the usual meal of Eggs Benedict and a hard-boiled egg hunt. Both took place indoors due to inclement weather.

Moms of new babies reveled in being fed by others and relaxing.

The pregnant cows have today marked their one week anniversary of Spring as defined by living outside and no longer having to stick their heads through metal bars to get food.

One of the new baby lambs born in April on the farm. We have four girls and eight boys, and a mix of black and white ones. If anyone wants to see some good sproinking, come on over to the sheep pen.

Last and least (in size, not spirit): Ada Ruth on a ramp-hunting venture with Seth and my parents. She is no longer the proud owner of a toothless grin, i.e. Ada Ruth has a tooth! Cinco de Mayo!

Thank you one and all for your kind readership and infinite patience. Happy Mother's Day to all!

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  1. Tyler is magnificent! Thanks for sharing the photos and the latest news!