Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here's that ram I was talking about:

I think he's done his time here and is ready to move on to his next home.

Here is the Yentes-Quinn house:

It's come a long way since this photo, but this will help mark the progress until I get the newest shots loaded. Seth, Lao and Craig put in a few days every week on the house, and it's amazing how quickly it grows in this framing stage. We were out there today, taking advantage of briefly thawed ground to plant tulips, narcissus, an azalea and an English walnut tree.

Here is a shot from the 2010 Slaughter-a-thon, more subtle than last year's but no less cheerful. In two bouts, two pigs, three lambs and two steers were added to the freezer. Tip of the year: to add less lead to the environment, use a sledge hammer instead of a gun. Tyler, Seth, Jonny and Graham were on this crew.

And for lack of any other strictly farm-related photos, here are a couple of Ada Ruth and her 'rents:

In the nursery, helping out digging trees to send to the Fedco warehouse.

In the apartment. The orange hat reminds me: everyone I know who hunts managed not to get shot this November, but no one I know managed to tag a buck. Better (retroactive) luck to rest of you.


  1. I would like to comment on "And for lack of any other strictly farm-related photos": baby photos are not extra credit!!! More baby and momma and poppa photos please! Lots of love.

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