Friday, July 2, 2010

New Arrivals

Well, I experienced long minutes of frustration on the new blog host and decided that maybe later I will venture again into the wordpress realm, but for now we'll stick with the tried and true (and reliably speedy) blogspot. Sorry for the long absence, but despite so much to catch up on this will be a relatively short entry due to blazing sun and my excitement for weed-killing.

On June 23, this little guy was born. Elsie took a Rose Family portrait (Ella Rose on the left, Sadie Rose and baby bull Rose on right) right when she and Tyler found him; still wet and nursing well. He has major spunk and will plow through most any fence in search of tall grass or shade to lie down in for a nice nap; I think he's a rabbit-deer-cow hybrid, with long ears, strong legs, and a cute snub nose.

The other new additions to the "farmily" over the last couple weeks are April and May (named after their birth months in 1995), sister 15-year-old Percherons who have spent most of their lives so far in Saco, Maine. Now they grace our farm with their massive bulk, power, and patience. So far they have eaten a lot of grass, pulled people around for a cart ride, and raked a few acres of hay with a side-delivery rake. All in their first two weeks! They have far outstripped Dolly and Riley, our bossy attitude-y work ponies, in terms of both productivity and mellowness. And in the size of their feet. Just imagine dinner plates. Seriously. April and May are pastured across the road from our house, and when the flies are bad they tend to stomp a lot and you can hear their stomps while sitting here at the computer.

Three butts.

At the watering trough: April has white and face and feet, May is solid black.

Gearing up for some real work.

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