Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1st Stab at Haying + View of/from the Loo Part Two

Happenings on the farm just keep...happening. Yesterday we had only broken tractors, and since our tractor hero with the tractor ambulance and his son came by, we now have working tractors and a few easy fixes left to perform. Today was a beautiful day, and Seth and the Oliver and the New Idea Cut-ditioner (mower/crimper) put down about 5 acres of hay. It got showered upon this afternoon but we hope it might be okay anyway.

Here is the mower on the first pass around the perimeter of the field.

Seth and the set-up.

Yikes! Farming!

Today, the well drillers up and left, their work complete; we now have a well with 10-12 gallons per minute of flow that is attached to absolutely nothing. Not too shabby! I can't wait to plumb it into our system. Last week, to give the well a little more leeway, seven of us picked up and moved the outhouse, hence a new view of and from the loo. You may also notice a classy half-door that Gib put on the outhouse, for which we are so grateful. The mulched area you can see in both pictures covers the new septic line, tank and leach field. Hurray! No more shower commutes!

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