Thursday, April 8, 2010

The week in review: lovely ladies and cows

This has been a GREAT week because we have been visited by a very dear friend of mine, Lane. She is a star. Below, you can view her participating in the activity of the morning, tree-limbing. We climbed in trees along the edges of fields and cut off limbs below 20 feet. It was kind of like practicing to be a porcupine or a koala bear.

The other reason it was a great week is because we tripled our herd of Milking Devons. Tyler and Elsie drove to northern Vermont on a epic one-day cow recuperation mission. They arrived back in Monroe with a full trailer (two pregnant mama cows and their two daughters) just after dark on Monday and we gave them a full-on welcoming party. Lane was the official cow photographer.

Above: Maple and Ryan, the two mamas, on their first day. Below: The welcoming committee.

Anna: "How much poop does this cow have on her butt, before I go shoving her around?"

On Monday, my first day off from work with Lane, she and I hiked Bald Rock Mountain in Lincolville, and both the weather and the location were beautiful. This is the only picture of the two of us there that doesn't look like I am having a major illness.

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