Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Pregnant Pause

After a long absence, I return to give you good tidings of great joy: Seth and I are pregnant! The baby's coming sometime around the end of September, and we are SO EXCITED. Absolutely thrilled. Here is me in the greenhouse back at Chris and Jonny's place eating spinach to get lots of iron. This picture was taken only weeks before marauding geese busted in and munched spinach to their hearts' delight. All I can say is that they had better all be pregnant. Meanwhile, I am puzzling over how a new baby, new farm, and hopefully a new house will all compatibilize themselves in our lives while I work 40 hours a week packing seed potatoes at Moose Tubers and 10 hours a week at the Belfast Co-op stocking (or stalking, as I like to imagine) produce. Moose Tubers will only go on for seven weeks, for which I am very grateful.

Anna's new workplace:

Other very exciting news is that Seth and Tyler, as Whiffletree, played a spectacularly successful contra dance at the American Legion Hall--hence the Bingo paraphernalia you may notice in the background--in Belfast about two weeks ago. For those of you not immersed in contra dance culture, a two-member band is quite uncommon and Whiffletree has met with much skepticism in the contra scene, but luckily they have weathered the oft-times cool receptions and succeeded in thoroughly amazing both dancers and dance callers. Below, please find some mug shots of the hot new boy band:


  1. Hey Anna! It's been a long time! I added your blog to my reader awhile ago and have enjoyed following along with your agricultural adventures. Just wanted to say CONGRATS!!

    Laura Hauser

  2. OMG BABY!!! So happy for you!!


  3. Anna Banana, Mommy-to-be!!! I read this post and got all excited (and, admittedly, cried a little out of joy...I'm such a bowl of mush;). Congratulations, Beautiful! To Seth, as well. I hope I meet him someday. Sending lots of love to you, and all the best wishes! :) Love love love XOXO

  4. Hi North Branch. Village here.
    Just giving a shout to say hi and YAY! for a North Branch Baby. We hope to see you guys soon. I have got some Orrington's Mystery scion wood that I would love to graft -- I will give you a ring this week.

  5. Anna!! Congrats on your baby!!! Did you get my letter a while back?

    I haven't been to your blog since your first few postings, so I'm doing some catch-up....but I too have great news! I'll be farming again! This time at a small CSA farm in Milton,MA called Brookwood Community Farm. I've recently started a blog too (mostly musing on farm work and info on stuff I want to try to make at home like cheese, soap, and yogurt, etc). Like you, it's mostly for myself and anyone else that's interested in what I've been up to.

    Check it out on my Blogger profile! And I swear...I didn't copy your blog template. We just coincidentally picked the same! Keep in touch!

    P.S. I'm hoping to go up to Maine in June for a Fiddle Camp weekend and I would love to visit your farm!!

  6. Congratulations Anna. There is a lot of change and new happening in the air. Life is feeling pretty good.
    Good luck and hope to see you soon. Maybe I'll make it up your way sometime 'soonish'.