Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Roofing Party

On February 14th, Elsie and her father John plotted and executed a glorious roofing workday party. In attendance were the five of us North Branch Farmers along with Elsie's dad, her mother Ellen, neighbor Annie, Uncle Roy, and our friends Lao, Danielle, and young Elizabeth. In classic NBF style, quinoa and stir-fry were served at the luncheon, accompanied by wholesome, imported North Monroe drinking water. A fine time was had by all, and Annie's dog Rudy apparently did not die even after having eaten a quarter of a bar of Dagoba New Moon 74% Organic Dark Chocolate. Let's just be glad he didn't find the Eclipse and Xocolatl bars that were also within doggie reach.

It was a good thing the roof workday happened when it did, because previously we had been encountering numerous obstacles that incited bouts of cursing, swearing, throwing things, and abandoning the roof mid-panel-installation. Thanks to our guest crew's soothing temperaments and can-do attitudes born of many years' experience, we made slow but steady progress throughout the day and worked out many of the kinks that had been challenging us.

Elsie spent much of the day roofing our outhouse; it came out beautifully and we now have the confidence that at least one of us can complete a roofing project start to finish. Never mind that the outhouse has 1/320 the area of the barn roof. It looks like Annie is handing her materials and Ellen is prepping drip edge in this shot.

Elsie seams the outhouse roof while John looks on.

Towards the end of the day, Gib and Lao--with assistance--set up a roofing station on the west end of the north side of the barn roof, working back towards the other set of panels that stopped at the peak of the silo connector.

Panel #2 up! The sun was starting to go down, so we soon packed up shop and called it a day. Thanks to everyone who so kindly shared their Valentine's Sunday for the benefit of the North Branch Barn!

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