Thursday, December 17, 2009

Belly of the Whale

The view from the shop--finally the barn roof is fully roofguarded!

This is my lovely sister Mary Kate, making friends with Riley, who is the photographer of the following shots. She is being quite brave, making the trip all the way to Maine in the dead of December, and is surviving nicely.

Here's our work party--special thanks to Ly, Steve, Chris, and Jonny for coming out on a chilly Sunday--where we worked on rafters, the silo connector, and exterior trim. We're trying to be ready to start putting metal on the roof tomorrow! Yikes!

Another rib hits the ribcage...we were on the home stretch at that point.

Victory! All rafters have been doubled up! Structural reinforcements have been completed!

Tyler on his way down to Elsie's dad's shop to pick up the roofing materials--if you want to start the truck and it hasn't been plugged in for multiple hours, you have to jump start it--and if it still won't start, you have to take a hair dryer to the gas lines. Today it was 11 degrees out at the warmest, with the wind chill taking it down to -10.


  1. I'm lodging a complaint, I want the slaughtering and butchering pics and commetary re-posted. I appreciate the honesty of showing some of what it takes to humanely raise and butcher the animals that we eat. It is a gift to show this part of farming and to allow people to think about their relationship to food including meat. I understand that slaughtering is hard to look at, but to censor it is to hide an important part of small farming.

  2. I agree with Johnny (assuming this is the Johnny I know...). However, may I suggest roasting the pigs over a pile of 'bad' books?! BTW this blog is awesome guys!!