Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back at the Homestead

These beauties are a few of nearly 1000 lbs of cabbage we harvested this fall, now safely wrapped in newspaper and stowed in the root cellar. Come visit us, and you too can be included in our 2lbs of cabbage per capita per week rule.

The first bake in the bread oven was a raging success--all whole spelt flour in the form of sourdough, potato-rosemary, and cinnamon-raisin-walnut breads.


  1. I love your cob oven! It looks fantastic, and I'll bet that was some of the best bread ever ;).

    Are you planning to do any lacto-fermentation with all of that cabbage?

  2. Congratulations Anna and Seth on the farm. I missed you yesterday. The cabbage patch is quite a beauty.Love and hugs

  3. Oh, wow -- that bread looks amazing!!!